RUS SURF is an innovative project aimed at developing surfing in Russia.

RUS SURF is a sports and entertainment complex, which is based on a pool equipped with an artificial wave generator ideal for training and training of professional athletes.

On the territory of the project it is planned to create all conditions for effective teaching of this sport. The total area of the project is 40 000 m2, the complex will include the building of a surf school, a seafood restaurant, a yoga room and a large outdoor dance floor.

The capacity of the pool.

In the "RUS SURF" pool, reef and training waves will be generated simultaneously. A large number of Russians who do not know about Surfing will be able to study daily with world-class professionals.

1,8 м

Wave height





900 reef waves per hour

900 training waves per hour

44 surfer per hour

50 pupils per hour

At the initial stage of the functioning of the basin, priority will be given to training.

317 626

people a year can visit the wave pool.

The suRF token.

The suRF Token was created on the wave platform platform, a total of 17 million, suRF. 90% of tokens will be sold during crowdsale, 10% is reserved for the development of the project "Rus Surf".


The implementation of suRF tokens is planned in three phases:


Stage 1 (15 - June 25)

It is planned to implement suRF 600 000.

(1 suRF = 0.5 EUR)


Phase 2 (June 25 - Jule 8)

It is planned to implement suRF 12 million.

(1 suRF = 0.9 EUR)


Phase 3 (Jule 8 - 15)

It is planned to implement suRF 2 700 000.

(1 suRF = 1.6 EUR)


The implementation is planned in all currencies on the WAVES platform.


Distribution of funds upon reaching CAP 17 000 000 suRF


The commissioning of the project is planned for the spring of 2019 in the city of Sochi.


Rustam Mukhametzyanov

"When you are able to bring together the right people - surfers, artists, financiers, it's much easier to reach the goal, of course, it's still not easy, but thanks to the talents of these people, the new way of life, which is not familiar to most people, will become more understandable and attractive In my opinion, the path that we take as a team when creating a project is almost as innovative as the project itself.

So, turning to all of you, for whom we created this project ...

Do not mention it."


Founder of "RUS SURF"

Vadim Kozlov

Alexander Kalinichev

Vitaliy Kanaryov

Dmitry Kanaryov


Co-founder of "RUS SURF"

Creative director.



Co-founder of "RUS SURF"

Chief Analyst.



Co-founder of "RUS SURF"

Manager of records management and support of tenders.


Lead marketer.

Project promotion, development and implementation of communication policy.



Stage 1 of Crowdsale is scheduled for June 15, 2018 (MSC)