RUS SURF (suRF) presents a unique business model in the crypto world, which gives an opportunity to participate in the creation of the first in Russia surfer pool.


  • suRF is released on the WAVES block-platform.
  • The total number of tokens is 17,000,000 suRF.
  • The number of tokens sold as a result of crowdsale is 90% of the total = 15 300 000 suRF.
  • 10% is reserved for the development of the project "RUSS SURF".
  • The implementation of the tokens will take place in 3 stages.
  • On average for the three stages of implementation, suRF is equivalent to one euro (1suRF = 1EUR).
  • suRF will operate throughout the project.
  • suRF is a "token" that can be exchanged for the duration of surfing, only the token holder will have access to the pool.
  • For visitors who do not have a suRF token, it will be possible to buy it on the territory of RUS SURF.
  • The suRF token will be accepted for payment at the market price on the actual date, with the price per hour of surfing being equal to 30 euro.
  • All tokens received for payment will be destroyed.


Stage 1

It is planned to implement suRF 600 000.

(1 suRF = 0.5 EUR)


Phase 2

It is planned to implement suRF 12 million.

(1 suRF = 0.9 EUR)


Phase 3

It is planned to implement suRF 2 700 000.

(1 suRF = 1.6 EUR)


The implementation is planned in all currencies on the WAVES platform.


The projected, annual economic effect of the RUS SURF project is 4,7 million EUR.


* The distribution of funds and the economic effect are calculated on the basis of confidential information received from Wave Garden.

The campaign for the implementation of the tokens will last 30 days and will start on June 15, 2018 at 12:00 GMT +3 and end on Jule 15 at 12:00 GMT +3



Stage 1 of Crowdsale is scheduled for June 15, 2018 (MSC)