1. Why Russia needs a wave pool.

2. Briefly about the waves and countries where surfing is developed.

3. Surfing in Russia.

4. Model of the project "Rus Surf".

4.1. The capacity of the pool.

4.2. Throughput of the pool.

5. The token is suRF.

6. Distribution of funds.

7. Timeframe (RoadMap).

8. The team.

1. Why Russia needs a wave pool.

RUS SURF is an innovative project aimed at developing surfing in Russia.


The wave pool in Russia is an innovative breakthrough in sport for the whole country. Surfing is officially recognized as an Olympic sport and we need a training center to excel in this discipline, and a wave pool will enable every person to learn how to catch a wave and enjoy surfing around the world.


2. Briefly about the waves and countries where surfing is developed.

The northern part of Russia is washed by the seas of the Arctic Ocean and in the southern part of the coast of Kamchatka, the eastern and southeastern shores of the Kuril Islands are washed directly by the Pacific Ocean, that part of it that does not enter any sea. It is ocean waves that are most suitable for surfing, they are born far in the ocean when storms are raging with powerful winds, reaching the shore, the waves gradually become similar to each other, aligned in size and speed, this phenomenon is called surfers SWELL.

Depending on the topography of the bottom, three types of waves are distinguished: Point-break - the longest waves, appear in places where the bottom relief forms a sharp bend, on some waves you can go almost a kilometer; reef-breaks - are formed on a reef or coral shelf, the main advantage of such waves is their constancy, predictability of behavior; Beach (beach-break) - formed due to the bends of the sandy bottom, the best choice for beginners. The place where the wave rises is called surf spot. The most close countries for Russians who surf is Portugal (in the city of Nazare the highest waves in the world, 30 m), Morocco. Also very popular are the spots in Indonesia on about. Bali and Sri Lanka on about. Ceylon, tk. the water in these places is very warm and you can ride without a wet suit.

3. Surfing in Russia.

In Russia, there are excellent spots for skating on the board, but because of the geographical location of the water in these places is either cold or very cold, and for skating you will need a wetsuit. The main place for skiing is the beach of Halaktyrsky, it is located near the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Also in our country there are a lot of surfers on the Black Sea, where the Russian Surfing Championship has been held several times, in Vladivostok, and in St. Petersburg, where there are also annual surfing competitions. Sea waves differ from oceanic ones, since they have a "wind" origin and therefore are not so predictable, and do not give "long" travels, but some spots, for example the Baltic Sea, give a sense of surfing in the ocean because the waves there are even in windless weather. Surfing in Russia is developing in large steps, and competitions are also taking place in Kamchatka on winter surfing. The development of surfing in Russia can be compared with the wave that was born in Hawaii and has just reached our shores.


Federation of Russian Surfing

Sergey Rasshivayev

Shores of Kamchatka


Photo: Tatiana Elizarieva

4. Model of the project RUS SURF.

The project "RUS SURF" is a sports and entertainment complex based on a swimming pool equipped with a wave generator.


The innovative system allows to generate up to 1000 waves per hour and enables, even with maximum loading, each surfer to catch up to 20 waves per hour. The wave height of 1.8 meters comes every 7 seconds, the travel time is 16 seconds. These parameters allow you to surf to 100 people per hour at a time. On the territory of the project it is planned to create all conditions for effective teaching of this sport.


The total area of ​​the project is 40 000 m2, the complex will include the building of a surf school, a seafood restaurant, a yoga room and a large outdoor dance floor.


The goal of the RUS SURF project is to build a competitive competitive arena for future Olympic Games and raise a younger generation of winners.

4.1. The capacity of the pool.

In the basin "RusSurf" will be generated reef and training waves, simultaneously. A large number of Russians who do not know about Surfing will be able to study daily with world-class professionals.

1,8 м

Wave height





900 reef waves per hour

900 training waves per hour

44 surfer per hour

50 pupils per hour

At the initial stage of the functioning of the basin, priority will be given to training.

4.2. Throughput of the pool.

317 626

people a year can visit the wave pool.

5. Token suRF.

The suRF Token was created on the wave platform platform, a total of 17 million, suRF. 90% of tokens will be sold during crowdsale, 10% is reserved for the development of the project "Rus Surf".


The implementation of suRF tokens is planned in three phases:


Stage 1 (15 - June 25)

Planned for implementation

suRF 600,000. (1 suRF = 0.5 EUR)


Phase 2 (June 25 - Jule 8)

Planned for implementation

suRF 12 000 000. (1 suRF = 0.9 EUR)


Phase 3 (Jule 8 - 15)

Planned for implementation

suRF 2 700 000. (1 suRF = 1.6 EUR)


The implementation is planned in all currencies on the WAVES platform.


6. Distribution of funds.

1. The funds raised at the first stage include travel expenses and legal support for the project. The result of the first stage will be the conclusion of a cooperation agreement with Wave Garden. Also, the RUS SURF team will visit Wave Garden headquarters and experience an innovative wave pool system.

2. The second stage involves the purchase and delivery of equipment to Russia. The second stage will result in the acquisition of a water treatment system and an innovative wave generation system.

3. The funds raised during the third stage will be spent on the construction of the complex.


The projected, annual economic effect of the RUS SURF project is 4,7 million EUR.



* The distribution of funds and the economic effect are calculated on the basis of confidential information received from Wave Garden.


Distribution of funds upon reaching CAP 17 000 000 suRF

7. Time frame (ROADMAP).

The commissioning of the project is planned for the spring of 2019 in the city of Sochi.

Visit the headquarters of Wave Garden and conclude a cooperation agreement.

Acquisition of a water preparation system and an innovative wave generation system.

Construction of the complex

The first and second phase is planned to be completed in June 2018.

Each stage will be accompanied by a video-confirmation of the work performed.


8. Team RUS SURF.

Rustam Mukhametzyanov

"When you are able to bring together the right people - surfers, artists, financiers, it's much easier to reach the goal, of course, it's still not easy, but thanks to the talents of these people, the new way of life, which is not familiar to most people, will become more understandable and attractive In my opinion, the path that we take as a team when creating a project is almost as innovative as the project itself.

So, turning to all of you, for whom we created this project ...

Do not mention it."


Founder of "RUS SURF"

Vadim Kozlov

Alexander Kalinichev

Vitaliy Kanaryov

Dmitry Kanaryov


Co-founder of "RUS SURF"

Creative director.



Co-founder of "RUS SURF"

Chief Analyst.



Co-founder of "RUS SURF"

Manager of records management and support of tenders.



Lead marketer.

Project promotion, development and implementation of communication policy.


RUS SURF (suRF) presents a unique business model in the crypto world, which gives an opportunity to participate in the creation of the first in Russia surfer pool.

To enable athletes to train and take part in the Summer Olympics in 2020.




Stage 1 of Crowdsale is scheduled for June 15, 2018 (MSC)

317 626